Learn more about the rich history of our business

About Midwest Compressor Systems

Midwest Compressor Systems is a natural gas compressor company started in 1980 in the Texas Panhandle area under the name of Liquid Recovery Systems.

Natural gas booster compressors were in great demand. Areas in the rich Panhandle gas fields were beginning to show signs of depletion, and vacuum pumps were making their way to these fields. Midwest Compressor Systems began delivering and installing vacuum pumps at this time.

The real value we bring are the skilled, trained people who install, manage and maintain the gas compression units for our customers. Our responsive mechanics maximize the uptime for our customers. Our team is available for callouts, regular scheduled, and preventive maintenance.

We maintain an inventory of parts for our customers’ needs for their engines and compressors. Our customers have access to a range of parts needed for maintenance, repair and overhaul of their gas compression equipment.

From repairing functional issues to a complete overhaul, the Midwest Compressor shop can rework equipment to ensure it is operating at peak performance. We have an experienced group of service professionals, who have spent time in the field and on location. They know what is demanded of our customers, engines, and compressors.

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